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Scum Skimmers

Most of the problems with scum skimming are related to the operation and maintenance of the skimmer itself. It's common to find skimmers frozen in place and rusted out. We've even seen tomatoes and small trees growing out of an old, unused scum skimmers. Scum skimming is one of those truly neglected parts of most pollution control facilities.

Key Benefits & Features

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Amwell offers skimmers that work without substantial maintenance because of our innovative designs, extensive component choices and considerable experience. Our approach starts with our innovative designs. Based on your requirements, Amwell will design a complete system with scum removal method; drive and flight design and materials that give the best system for the money.

Extensive component choices are Amwell's strength. From the type of skimmer, to the materials used, to the type of operator, you will get the best match for your needs.

Skimmers Designs

Slotted Pipe 

Slotted pipe skimmers are the simplest and most economical design available. Amwell offers easy rotational control of the pipe through several different types of operators. The pipes are offered in metallic and nonmetallic versions.

Chain Driven (Flight-Type)

For more positive scum and floatable solid removal, chain driven scum skimmers from Amwell are the perfect choice. With these kind of skimmers, automatic or sensor control will allow for continuous or selected-interval removal.

Ribbon Type

When the scum won't float into a collector automatically, a helical skimmer is often used in conjunction with a chain driven flight type collector. The helical skimmer features rotating 360° spiral blades to deposit the scum into the collector trough.

Operator Designs

Operators provide for the movement of the pipe to facilitate scum collection while minimizing liquid run-off. For manual operation,  Amwell offers worm gear, rack and pinion and lever operators. For automatic operations the skimmers can be controlled by sensors or timers to make sure the collection occurs at the designated time.

Component Materials

Almost every component in our systems can be purchased in metallic or non-metallic versions. From the pipes, to the supports, seals and flights, your facility can be served with the materials of your choice.


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Questions? Contact Us

For comprehensive product specifications, drawings and additional options for any system, contact your local Amwell Representative or call our corporate office at 630-898-6900.

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