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Gear Drives

Amwell bridge and pier supported drive systems offer unsurpassed engineering, design, optimum energy transfer, manufacturing quality, ease of maintenance and dependable, trouble free operation.

The Amwell's drive design consists of rugged corrosion resistant cast iron housings providing 360° gear support, one-piece construction of alloy steel worm shafts and pinions. The split spur gear and bearing system meets the needs of high thrust and radial load applications while offering easy inspection and maintenance.

Key Benefits & Features

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Amwell manufactures state-of-the-art worm gear and spur gear drives to match your specific tank diameter and process applications. Spur gear drives are furnished by Amwell for pier supported clarifier and thickener systems starting at about 30 ft. in diameter. Worm gear drives are available for bridge supported clarifiers and thickeners up to 50 ft. in diameter.

All Amwell drives are shop assembled and inspected in our own manufacturing facility to insure that each drive meets the project requirements prior to shipment. Inspection ease and reduced maintenance costs are hallmarks of Amwell drives.

  • Rugged, corrosion resistant cast iron housings
  • Your choice of Bridge or Pier supported drives
  • One piece worm and pinion
  • Split spur gear
  • High thrust and radial load capacity
  • Easy inspection and maintenance
  • Built to current ANSI/AGMA Standards
  • Equipped with overload protection
  • Optional shaft mounted primary reducer eliminates maintenance of chain and sprocket arrangements


Download Gear Drives Brochure (PDF)

Questions? Contact Us

For comprehensive product specifications, drawings and additional options for any system, contact your local Amwell Representative or call our corporate office at 630-898-6900.

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