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Amwell is a company dedicated to providing a clean water environment by specializing in the manufacturing and marketing of water and wastewater treatment equipment. As a Division of McNish Corporation, that dedication continues with a renewed emphasis – providing these industries with a premier product line. View our product line

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The company has had a very impressive history of uninterrupted service to the industry dating back to 1868 when it was founded as American Well Works located in Aurora, Illinois. American Well Works began producing water and wastewater treatment equipment in the thirties and by the mid-forties had established a complete line of process equipment applicable to all phases of treatment. Since then additions or changes to the product line have kept pace with technological developments in the industry.

In 1967 Keene Corporation, desiring a partner in the Pollution Control Field, purchased and operated the company out of Aurora as the Water Pollution Control division. The division operated as part of Keene until January 1984 when it was purchased by the present ownership. The name was changed to Amwell® – a contraction of American Well.

We believe this long history as a major equipment supplier has resulted from the commitment we have made to the industries we serve. Amwell, like its predecessor companies, will continue to incorporate technological developments into the product line to better serve the environmental control field. The success of Amwell and its predecessors is attested to by a very impressive installation base measuring in the thousands. Amwell serves the market through a national representative organization which is supported by a strong sales, engineering and manufacturing support base, where quality is emphasized and controlled in our own manufacturing plant. This insures that our customer continues to receive first rate products, which is the foremost reason for our continued success.

Featured Case Study

Maintenance of the 33-year-old bar screens at the Kalamazoo (Mich.) Water Reclamation Plant was stressing the operators. Shear pin failures occurred often, and almost always on weekends. The worn and corroded mild steel frames allowed chain guides to wobble, requiring constant chain tension adjustments. When some 1-inch screen rack bars broke, they weren’t replaced because of their difficult location and the unit’s age. Operators worried that rags slipping through the larger gaps would clog pumps and flood lift stations... Read more

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