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Need parts for your existing equipment? With our extensive inventory of parts and a library of original design and equipment drawings, Amwell can provide parts for American Well Works, American Bowser, Keene-Water Pollution Control, National Hydro Systems Equipment and Amwell brands of water and wastewater treatment equipment. All replacement parts are made with same demanding standards and materials as is our new equipment.

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If you have any question or would like to receive more information please contact your local Amwell Representative or call our corporate office at 630-898-6900.

Featured Case Study

Maintenance of the 33-year-old bar screens at the Kalamazoo (Mich.) Water Reclamation Plant was stressing the operators. Shear pin failures occurred often, and almost always on weekends. The worn and corroded mild steel frames allowed chain guides to wobble, requiring constant chain tension adjustments. When some 1-inch screen rack bars broke, they weren’t replaced because of their difficult location and the unit’s age. Operators worried that rags slipping through the larger gaps would clog pumps and flood lift stations... Read more

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